ASD announces Libertas matched at Brookmeade

Dear friends of Libertas School of Memphis;

We are excited and humbled to pass along the news announced by the Achievement School District today: Libertas School of Memphis has been matched to phase-in at Brookmeade Elementary School here in Frayser, Memphis, Tennessee.

This announcement is the next important step in our journey - already 16 months-old - toward seeing private-school quality education available as a tuition-free public school in the neighborhood and city we love. Now we have the clarity needed to focus on engaging our soon-to-be families - continuing with those at Brookmeade, and extending to those across Frayser who wish for a rich, rigorous, and personalized education.

We salute the efforts of those dedicated educators and other community servants who have toiled so long in this field.

Stay tuned for more news in the months to come!