Opening on board grievance committee

The Libertas Board of Trustees has an opening on the committee that hears grievances. We are fortunate to not have received any grievances to date, but our by-laws outline a structure and policy to ensure that any grievances are appropriately resolved. If you are interested in the position, please contact Head of School Bob Nardo by Monday, Mar. 21, and he will walk you through the process prior to a final election to be made by the Board. bob.nardo at Libertas Memphis dot org

8/27/15 Back to School Night & annual Title 1 meeting

Thanks to the over half of our families that were able to attend our inaugural back to school night! Families got to share their hopes and dreams for their children, know their teachers and children's classmates, and about our curriculum and school culture,. In addition, we presented some information about our school for our annual title 1 meeting - click here to see the presentation.

2015/16 Board and committee meeting schedule

Our 2015/16 schedule of standing meetings for the Board of Trustees and its committees is listed below, and can be downloaded here.

Board of Trustees meetings - 5:30 PM at 3777 Edenburg Dr:

  • 7/6

  • 8/24

  • 9/28

  • 10/26

  • 11/23

  • No December meeting

  • 1/25/16

  • 2/22

  • 3/28

  • 4/25

  • 5/23

  • 6/27 (Annual meeting)

Finance Committee meetings - at 11:30 via conference call (information made available to anyone upon request)

  • 7/16

  • 8/20

  • 9/17

  • 10/15

  • 11/19

  • 12/17

  • 1/21

  • 2/18

  • 3/17

  • 4/21

  • 5/19

  • 6/16

Performance Review Committee

  • TBA in January and June, 2016

For immediate release: Garden Groundbreaking at Libertas Public Montessori Charter School in Frayser


Contact:  Adam Guerrero or (901) 275-5637




FRAYSER, Memphis  10 June 2015 - Libertas is an innovative, neighborhood-based public charter school opening this summer in the Frayser community. Members of the press and the community are invited to join our teachers, staff, and neighborhood partners for the groundbreaking of our school’s unique gardening and permaculture program -- just one step in the neighborhood-wide effort to return Frayser to being one of Memphis’ destination communities. The event will take place Tuesday, 6/23, at 10 AM, at 3777 Edenburg Dr.


Having won a grant through GrowMemphis and Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association, this groundbreaking event will present our brand-new raised garden beds - but also launch and present our unique program to the Memphis community.


As an extension of our rigorous and holistic Montessori educational program (summarized below), daily student life will incorporate academic learning and hands-on skill-building with plants, animals, and care of the local environment - including gardening, composting, animal care, sustainable energy practices such as rainwater collection, and more. Furthermore, to increase student physical activity level and foster peaceful recreation, Libertas is creating an “adventure playground.”


MORE ABOUT LIBERTAS: Libertas offers a private school-quality education in a tuition-free neighborhood school, with the rich and personalized learning method of Dr. Maria Montessori. Students work in multi-aged groups and advance at their own pace, with two teachers in the classroom, and engaging materials in the classroom. As part of the Achievement School District, Libertas is opening in what was Brookmeade Elementary. We serve students in Frayser, as well as Raleigh and North Memphis, and are enrolling students for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade, and will grow up through 6th grade in the next 5 years. Classes start August 5th.


Libertas is the first Montessori charter school in Tennessee, and the site of the first in the nation urban Montessori Teacher Institute & Residency.


What:   Libertas School Garden Groundbreaking

Where: 3777 Edenburg Dr, Memphis TN 38127

When:  Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 10 am

Who:    Frayser and broader Memphis community and media

Why:    Education reform, charter schools, Montessori, Frayser

Request for Proposals - Various facility services

Libertas School of Memphis is seeking various facility services as we prepare to convert the existing Brookmeade Elementary School, located at 3777 Edenburg Drive, Memphis, TN 38127, into a Montessori neighborhood charter school.

Contractors/vendors are sought for the following specific scope areas for work this summer. Click the following embedded links for details about the project scope: detailed RFP, supporting photographs (part one and part two), and additional painting specifications (interior and exterior). Proposals are requested by April 6th.

  • Custodial services
  • Grounds care
  • Painting
  • Heating / cooling systems
  • Masonry / exterior brick cleaning and repair
  • Window repair / replacement
  • Other general contractor projects

In addition, we are developing a vendor list for additional projects likely needed in the near future, including the following additional trades:

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Environmental abatement / remediation

Please contact us with any questions, following the instructions on the RFP linked above.

ASD announces Libertas matched at Brookmeade

Dear friends of Libertas School of Memphis;

We are excited and humbled to pass along the news announced by the Achievement School District today: Libertas School of Memphis has been matched to phase-in at Brookmeade Elementary School here in Frayser, Memphis, Tennessee.

This announcement is the next important step in our journey - already 16 months-old - toward seeing private-school quality education available as a tuition-free public school in the neighborhood and city we love. Now we have the clarity needed to focus on engaging our soon-to-be families - continuing with those at Brookmeade, and extending to those across Frayser who wish for a rich, rigorous, and personalized education.

We salute the efforts of those dedicated educators and other community servants who have toiled so long in this field.

Stay tuned for more news in the months to come!

Special Board of Trustees meeting, Wednesday, 12/10, 8:45 AM

The Board of Trustees of Libertas School of Memphis will hold a special meeting via conference call at 8:45 on Wednesday, December 10th, for the purpose of discussing and coming to resolution on ASD options and recommendations regarding the location of our school starting in 2015. Anyone from the public interested in accessing the meeting should please contact us for information about how to attend.