Be a part of the team where education can be rich, personalized, and sustainable.

Passionate and knowledgeable teachers can dramatically improve the achievement of children subjected to educational inequality. At Libertas, we aim to make teaching about craftsmanship with sustainability. We have a steadfast commitment to the principles of Montessori and liberal arts learning, and at the same time are prudent in practice: "following the child," matching him or her with the beautiful and rigorous work of their own development. 

Features of our how we support teachers in a community of reflective practice:

"...I found that what I felt in my soul for children is being lived out here..."

Listen to what some of our other teachers have to say about Libertas. 

Our online application platform contains detailed job descriptions for positions and information about the application process. PLEASE NOTE: All positions are currently filled for the 17/18 school year; however, we accept applications on an ongoing basis for any openings that may occur, as well as for the following school year.  Contact us with any questions.