• A personalized, developmentally-appropriate approach:

At Libertas, children advance at their own pace, with inquiry and lessons individually and in small groups, using rich materials, and two teachers in each class - all inspiring your child's sense of purpose in learning. Learn more about Montessori.  

  • Start early with Pre-K: 

Cultivate your child's lifelong love of learning by starting their education early in our Pre-K program. 

  • Expand your student’s horizons: 

Libertas' Montessori education, supported by Core Knowledge, reflects the liberal arts ethos: TruthBeauty, and Goodness.

  •  Literature and poetry
  •  Science, nature study, and gardening
  •  Mathematics
  •  History
  •  Foreign language
  •  Art and music
  •  College and careers for sustainability


  • A school culture of moral and intellectual virtue: 

Libertas will provide a safe and orderly environment where students can practice good habits, manners, and teamwork. Libertas will present students with admirable people from history, literature, and their own community to inspire them to strive for excellence as students, citizens, and human beings.

  • Rigorous education through the best practices of college prep schools: 

Our co-founders have 17 combined years of experience of teaching and leadership experience in excellent urban schools, which have demonstrated that high expectations, order, data, and the craftsmanship of teaching can dramatically improve the achievement of children subjected to educational inequity.

An attachment village of families and the community:

Children need to be surrounded by adults who know, love, and expect the best from them.  Libertas will work closely with families, churches, and other neighborhood pillars to foster a nurturing village of attachments; partner with wraparound service providers; celebrate student success and send regular, positive communication home; study local history; track and report our re-investment of school funds into the community; and provide community service in our neighborhood of Frayser. Some of our community supporters include:

  •     Frayser Community Schools - CEO Bobby White
  •     Frayser Exchange Club - President E. Shelly Rice
  •     Several members of the Frayser Neighborhood Council
  •     Lifeline to Success / Blight Patrol – co-founder Vinessa Brown
  •     Promise Land Church – Pastor Elliot Shelton
  •     New Beginnings Church – Pastor Craig Wilson
  •     Rangeline Community Development Corporation Executive Director & Co-host of AM 730 "Memphis in the Morning" Charlie Caswell 
  •     Our Lady of Sorrows Church - Pastor Brian Timby
  •     State Senator Lee Harris